A Hint of Romance

She had fallen asleep.

It was mid-morning, but it had been a long previous day and short night on the road. She still worked until she fell asleep; writing on her iPad while waiting for her friend Fred.


Startled by the male voice, she opened her eyes, trying to get her brain to catch up. No one around, except that fella she’d talked to the other day about coffee. It’d been spontaneous, but she wanted to say hi herself since she’d purposely pushed him onto Fred to chat with because she wasn’t convinced, plus he’d been more interested in her than Fred anyway. She’d find out who he was. She automatically smiled back, seeing a kind, friendly face on the other side. Too much emotion though and everything started tumbling. Within seconds she had nothing to say, but it sure felt good. She didn’t want to take advantage of him just in case he was serious, but on the other hand if he was like all the other guys she’d met throughout her life she was going to make sure she got what she wanted from the moment.

She always struggled with her emotions when they got to close to home. When she felt pushed the words screamed, “Run!” and she was left wordless with a million of them trying to express themselves, but refusing to present themselves. Personally, she wasn’t surprised she was still single. The way words forever kept their distance with those childhood scars left her struggling. Pictures dancing just out of reach, her feelings rising much too fast, with a flood threatening her on the horizon. She may have appeared to be dateable, marriageable material but her scars from her childhood trauma left her single. She was too intelligent, too sharp, too intuitive, simply too much of everything with hardened scars in all the wrong places to make a relationship work. Her dog Cheeka helped her through the worst and the toughest times. She was fine. She accepted her situation as is.

She couldn’t remember his name and she tried saying hi, but it didn’t work. Maybe that was just fine. Maybe it wasn’t. She still didn’t know if the guy was using her or not. Only time would tell.

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