Here’s my foundational freelance writing rates. These are practical quotes, and price ranges vary depending on how much research is involved and what extras are being requested.

SEO articles and reviews

25 cents to $1 per word

Ghostwriting and Co-Author

Coming Soon!


  • I will need a 50 percent deposit for modest projects or a single upfront payment for all big projects before I can launch your project. In my schedule, upfront payment reserves a spot. Don’t strive to negotiate the price about this, please. It will decrease your chances of the contract being completed. My schedule is very busy and I need to be sure that my attention is given to clients who are serious about their projects.
  • All projects come with a management fee of 10%. This covers voice and video phone calls, travel, emails, editing, research, and other tasks essential to meet the deadline. For smaller projects, this charge may be removed.
  • If you have keywords, sentences, links or references in your article, blog post, email marketing, etc. Before I commence your project, please inform me.
  • Please be aware of my office hours. I’m in the office from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday.
  • Email me at any time to discuss your project.
  • Before I start to work on your project, please be aware what you want and inform me. If you aren’t sure what you want, please inform me and I will draw up a plan that works for you and your organization. That being said, without a revision of our contract, I will not change direction in the middle of the project.
  • I have a lot of clients, but I will create a spot for you. Please contact me during my office hours if you need help or have concerns. I will respond within 24 hours. I often respond in minutes, but that’s not realistically possible at times. 
  • You do not own copyright in compliance with copyright laws for any photos, illustrations, articles, etc. that I create unless I transfer my copyright to you in writing by contract.

These fees and policies are a key component to my client relationship. Only when you agree to these rates and policies, contact me please.

Thank you!