Depression Is a Positive Thang

I’ve heard and read so much about depression online for the last three years I started to cover my ears a long time ago. Depression isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing. A sign of growth. Don’t stop now. You can listen to your thoughts without believing every single word hook, line, and sinker.

You may be wondering how I came across this perspective. My biological dad had depression for awhile when I was a kid and my siblings and mother were so afraid it brought about a curiosity for the subject I wouldn’t normally have. This was after loosing my virginity to a rude, cowardly boys meaning I was an adult emotionally in a child’s body. One of the most awkward experiences in my entire life. And I still feel that awkwardness at times from others, but I learned very quickly how to handle it after making a friend and watching him. I researched, studied, compared notes to the experiments I’d already done.

And the unthinkable happened. (I should’ve expected it, but didn’t see it coming because I was neck deep in grieving, helping myself survive the hell that was created when my virginity was stolen). My silence was peaceful for me, too loud for others, but they didn’t reach out.

I was told I had depression for my entire teenage years. I finally went to a doctor and told her what was going. This is what’s happening, this is how I’m handling it. My physiatrist told me I’m not allowed to book anymore appointments. I’m fine. I even had her give me tests to make I was normal after that hell hole I walked through.

But. This is what I learned.

Depression is a good thang.


Depression is a tool for us to use. When depression is standing between you and whatever it is you want to do than you can know for sure that it’ll be the best solution to your answer. Use your depression to achieve your goals. Be creative!

Here’s why: depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Balance the unbalanced. Tada! Problem solved. You don’t always need to medicate for depression. There are a variety of holistic methods that don’t all involve supplements or smoking weed. My favourite method is a mix of western medicine and ancient herbal remedies. Activate your body. Open the pathways in your body one a cellular level. Give your body the gift of balance.

Not everyone can afford to spend money on their health right away.

Where there is a will, there is a way.


Doug and I both chose to put our health before everything else. That’s why it worked so well for us. We made it important. ‘Hanging in there’ obviously did too much damage so we took the path less traveled. It required commitment. Not easy, but completely worth the time invested. There are other more affordable means of helping yourself before you choose to spend money on your health. See below.

  • Move more. Relocate that body. Stretch those muscles, increase your steps, climb that staircase, swim those laps, or find another way to move that you enjoy enough to do for 30-60 minutes a day. Do what you enjoy, not something you feel you have to put up with daily.
  • Stop your sugar intake. Stop the fake sugar intake. Use honey until you can adjust to stevia or coconut sugar.
  • Stop eating anything processed. Plastic cheese, sandwich meat, most sauces, artificial flavour and colour.
  • Decrease your carbs, dairy, and caffeine intake. Learn to eat clean and natural ingredients.
  • Stop drinking energy drinks.
  • There’s a saying that goes like this: eat breakfast like a king, dinner like a prince, and lunch like a college kid with a maxed out credit card. This is great idea, but do it like this: breakfast: generous on the good fats, and protein, dinner lots of veggies and protein, and lunch lots of veggies, with protein on the side. I know I’m not mentioning carbs, but add in some good ones that help your body function better. For example, I have a couple berry bran muffins for breakfast. I make them myself following the above guidelines. I use gluten-free flour and stevia.
  • Drink more water. Divide your weight in half and drink that many ounces. Or start by drinking one cup more water today than yesterday until you reach 8cups/2litres a day!

Take your time implementing any of the above options. It takes time for your body to adjust to change and it’s much more helpful when you can do it with love than pushing yourself through it mechanically because ‘it has to be done.’ Also, make one change at a time. It’s easier on the body.

Your body needs to know you love it before you try and change your habits. Be generous and kind to yourself first!