Six Reasons To Purposefully Choose Gratitude For Your Pain

That celebratory moment when I look back and realize that the most inspiration I get from life is simply writing. I don’t need inspiration anymore! All I do is write. That truly feels good!

Not needing inspiration is HUGE for me because I used to ‘have to’ watch movies and TV shows to learn writing, screenplay, or go hiking in the mountains to get it. I’d even spend time in Narnia to create inspiration to write about. In years past I couldn’t read, never mind walk. Now I can! I’m writing every day and that in itself is creating more words. More words put together better and I’m playing with them as well!!! I can’t tell you how delighted I am about this HEALING! 😍

Another reason for such joy is that this all is another step forward. Upward. Some chapters in life are there to build the foundation for the joy you will be shouting from the rooftops later on. As long as you choose to never ever give up on yourself.

I’m now at a place where my physical body has healed enough that I ‘haven’t been here before’. Physically, emotionally, financially. I’m immensely grateful for my past. I chose to learn from it and now I’m walking fearlessly in unknown territory simply because of the choices I made yesterday. I am grateful for the many years of personal experience as well as listening to others experiences. It’s helped me reach out courageously and brought me here. Today.

    Gracefully accept pain as a building block to your future. Your future is something you choose and create with dreams first, than goals, plans, and action. It requires hard work, tears, endurance, and an emotional compost pile. Don’t waste time on something that isn’t tangibly in your hands. Let it grow in your heart. Use your imagination to fertilize it and help it grow.
    Unknown territory can be scary, but treat it like an adventure and not an ordeal. It’s also a foundational building block for your future. I remember all my firsts after my virginity was torn out of my hands. Before I even knew I had a virginity. Be kind to yourself. Ask questions. Don’t take responsibility for something that’s not yours. Just focus on you and keep doing what you need to do for you. It will rub off pleasantly on everyone around you. Choose love, kindness. It has a healing quality that you and those around you need.
    Feeling dead inside isn’t bad. It’s like that because you’ve been planted and in order to grow one has to die inside. It’s a good thing!
    No matter how dark it gets choose bright, positive, happy thoughts. It’s always darkest just before dawn so appreciate the dark. The light is coming on one condition: you don’t give up.
    Use the pain. Build it up. Put it on your compost pile. Instead of pushing others push the pain around. You’re your boss, not the pain. Name your pain(s) and make friends with them but don’t ever let them forget who’s boss.
    Fear is your best friend. Use it as a guiding star. Does it scare you? Than do it. Does it scare you bad, but make you feel happiness? That’s yours baby. Own it. Go out there and make it yours! Do whatever it takes within your boundaries. Integrity is everything.