Introducing Joleen Friesen

Living life is always second to being happy for me. Bottom line. Rule #1 (and they’re all rule #1).

Oddly enough now that I’ve divorced adulthood, I find myself knee deep in adulthood. 😂 The challenge of creating an income, building my life (FYI: don’t bother when you don’t have an income), finding my people, building my family. It’s not an easy feat, so I consider it worth my time.

Like I always do before jumping into a project of any kind, I check what I need against what I have, my ability to be resourceful, and the odds of me finishing the project. Sometimes I have to say no after I make a promise because I wasn’t completely informed ahead of time what I would actually need, other times I can jump in and ace it.

My latest question for myself is this:

How can I inspire and motivate myself to greatness without compromising myself?


Living inspired and motivated is just as important as being happy. It’s even better when one activity can do all three, but I haven’t found it yet. Just a second, writing does to a certain extent, but I’m still working on creating my income so building my life will come in stages until I have a steady stream of income.

Be yourself. No one else is qualified (and everyone else is taken).


Like always, I usually start in the middle. I realize by the quirky look on your face you’re making that I didn’t start at the beginning, and so I begin a journey back to the beginning, jump over and fall into the middle and entangling it all and wrap it awkwardly with a brilliant smile.

I haven’t always considered myself a writer. I was busy surviving, healing, brainstorming solutions to obstacles, and when I managed to leave that situation I was already just sick enough simply take care of myself. I wasn’t thinking about what I would call myself. My favorite subjects in school were math and science. English was one subject I seriously didn’t do well on. But. I was tired of having my scars get into the way so I just started writing my story, and the more I write, the more I write, and the more I write until I began to wonder if I should simply be a published author. I’m not going to make up my mind immediately since getting a degree is on the list of things to do for myself.

Presently I’m healing, rebuilding my own life in hopes of having a family eventually. I may have lost a lot, but I’m gaining more. I’m here to make people smile, laugh, love themselves and their life MORE!